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Your support

Your support for our projects is highly welcome!

You may choose from several possibilities on how to support our projects in The Gambia. Be sure that your donation will reach the children in The Gambia!

You may either
- transfer a one-off payment to the account of our association (see further below in the grey field!)
- pay the costs of a sponsorship for a certain project by a standing order, supporting our work by regular small and monthly subsidies, for example:
- € 15,--/month: school fees for 2 children, incl. a simple rice meal
- € 50,--/month: salary of a teacher

A sponsorship does not refer to certain persons, but you directly help people in the projects of our organization in accordance with the managing committee or with the decision of our members.
Our members work honorarily and pay for their own travel and accomodations to The Gambia.

In order to make our work and the use of donations transparent we had our organization registered at trans!charity.

Pick up a project-sponsorship now, while you may define the purpose of your donation, for instance:
- maintenance of a school building;
- teaching and learning materials; blackboards;
- simple rice meal for children at school;
- compiling and tending a school garden;
- devices for hygiene and health-care, for instance water pipes for running water in a school; soap, toothbrush, toothpaste;
- toys and sports equipment on a school playground;
- salary for a teacher, etc.

You can change or stop your sponsorship informally at any time.

If you want we would be happy to send you a current wish list for donations in kind.

"The man who cleared away the mountain,
was the same, who started
to carry away small stones."


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