Partnership at eye level

Systemic Education in The Gambia

The charitable association ‚AT EYE LEVEL – Systemic Education in The Gambia’ promotes preschool-education, methodical and didactical training for teachers and multipliers as well as activities of school management in The Gambia/West-Africa, which is one of the poorest countries of the continent..

Systemic education envolves all participants of the education process: children, parents, teachers and school staff. It takes place at eye level where people experience that they are able to create their reality and their future themselves.

It’s the place, where people face each other seriously and attentively, where they perceive each other and communicate in a personal way. A deep respect also belongs to systemic education, in accepting that plants, animals and people of all nations and continents are members of the same life system.
People have a strong desire for learning on their own. They want to use their personal learning experiences, and they especially want to cope with the challenges of daily life, and thus improve their self-efficacy.
By systemic education we steadily search for possibilities to stimulate development, adjustment and innovation in the daily surroundings and with the available devices.

Learning with humour, thoroughness and consummate ease!